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The locked body

Truth can be hidden in the body and becomes activated when triggered by something that reminds us of the original wound.

Since beginning this healing journey 11 years ago, I’ve found many unspoken words hiding in my body, most recently my throat and jaw.

Locked jaw, locked throat, afraid to say what it is i’m feeling for fear of persecution.. it’s been easier to write it, to draw it, to put it into poetry and art because I can safely seperate myself from it.

To speak it requires a something else that I had not acquired in life yet.. safety for my little Deborah.

When we do this work, we are healing lifetimes of our wounds, of our ancestors and all the exiled parts of ourselves.

We are being with the body and listening quietly for what it has to say.. without adding meaning or explanation to it.

The more we listen, the more safety we create.. and the more we can be open to life, love and back in rhythm with that creation life force energy, this is wholeness.

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