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May we lay as soft creatures nearer to the earth’s heart

with the truth of our connection that glows with quiet stillness

as real humans, both animal and spirit.

Humans are simple mammalian creatures. As babies we receive touch on a constant basis, it regulates our nervous system and connects us to the outer world.

As we grow this need for human connection doesn't leave us, but with the way the world has changed we find ourselves without real human intimacy, and parts of us lay still and wanting, feeling the grief and loss of this basic animal need.

Human connection is a vital part of our health and well-being. It's what brings us together, bridges gaps, makes space for forgiveness and ultimately has the potential to heal worlds within us that we wouldn't normally have access to.


Once touch and intimacy comes to roost in a safe and platonic sense; all matter of differences, ideology and separation between us falls away, and we become who we truly are; a magikal mixture of both animal and Soul.


During our time together, you will be invited to partake in a sharing circle, learn the art of consent and join up with cuddle puddles, or create your own, listen to storytelling and enjoy some tea time.

This is the place we meet our ourselves and each other, create real bonds between humans, come to rest and be nourished through connection, and expand our ability to love ourselves even more deeply then we thought possible.



Sharing circle, The Art of Consent, Cuddle Puddles, Storytelling, Tea Time.


Where: Ocean Shores (address given on booking)

When: Monday, 2nd of Feb 7pm - 9pm (NSW time)

Cost: $25

This is an alcohol and drug free event. 

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