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Welcome to the Red Temple. 

A place for women to come together to explore their deepest desires and kinky curiosities in a safe temple space.

Together we will explore embodiment, consent, boundaries and desires through conscious kink and somatic sensuality. 

The evening is open to women and all femme-identifying folk.


Blue lotus elixir, sharing circle and embodiment practices.

Together we will explore our authentic desires and boundaries through fun and sexy connection games. 

There will an opportunity to experience and kink and sensory play with blindfolds, feathers, ropes and spanking toys. 

Throughout the evening you will be guided and held by your facilitators who will always encourage you to feel into your authentic desires and boundaries without any pressure. 

This is an opportunity to explore your curiosities and reconnect with your sacred sensual self in a judgement-free women's only space.


Where: Stretch Yoga Level 2, 129 Margaret St, Brisbane

When: Thursday, 29th Feb, 6.30pm - 10.30pm (QLD time)

Cost: Individual - $55, Pair - $100

Dress: Whatever makes you feel comfortable and sexy. 


The temple space will provide everything you may need including ceremonial-grade cacao, cushions, bolsters, filtered water, herbal teas etc. 


This is an alcohol and drug free event. 

Please note there are no refunds for cancellations, however ticket transfer is allowed.

About your Facilitators

Daniela Grace is a certified Counsellor and trained Somatic Psychotherapist working with couples and individuals in a sex and kink-positive, gender-affirming, body-inclusive approach. She has spent many years exploring neo-tantra, conscious kink and sacred sexuality. 

Deborah Wolf is a Shamanic Healer, Ancestral walker & trauma-informed Somatic practitioner and storyteller. Deborah offers grounded, nurturing  and deeply magikal sessions guiding people to dance with their shadow in a compassionate and loving space.

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