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An Alchemical Life :

Healings, Initiations & Higher Paths

Hello, I'm Deborah Wolf

I want to talk a bit about how I found this path with you in the hope that you will find yourself in this story & recognize that healing is possible.


I was led to Shamanism & Somatic healing through a series of unexpected journeys, Spirit interventions & life-initiations.

From a young age I was having Spiritual awakenings, visceral dreams & spontaneous spiritual experiences.

I had severe disassociation & soul loss for most of my life due to early trauma, as well as chronic exhaustion, chronic illness & mental health issues, until one day I became suicidal & had no choice but to address the mess I was in.

I was on the verge of death, but it wasn't the death that I had thought, it was the death of an old life; one that was outdated, that caused me to walk in a frozen, disassociated & unconscious way.

inca lineage.jpg

I needed to heal my trauma, get back into my body & walk towards my Highest path & was led through a series of magikal synchronicities to a Shamanic teacher, who I had been practicing Shamanism with for 8 years.

This teacher was a blessing to me, and opened me up to a world that my Soul knew. He was an adopted Lakota Sundance elder who put me on the Incan medicine wheel as well as took me through many rites, initiations & introduced me to the Lakota Sweatlodge; in which I became a part of a small council learning Lakota Lore under a Medicine Pipe.

For 8 years I had been on the Incan Medicine Wheel, which is an Epic Journey of the Soul and through it I have been healing heavily.

I have let go of so much, including my whole identity, roles and outdated beliefs. I faced my deepest wounds, fears and shadow and developed more compassion, sensitivity & self-awareness, and an ability to live through my heart.​​

As I kept healing myself, my old world was soon replaced by something bigger & more authentic to me that fundamentally changed me for the better.

I started to embody my Higher Self & my Path became clear;

I wanted to help people with their own trauma & illness in the same way that I was helped.

​I've seen and experienced real transformation with Somatic work & Shamanic Healing in my own life and in the people around me that ordinarily could have taken lifetimes to repair.

​Through healing myself I am now able to offer help to those who are craving a deeper connection with themselves and who are ready to walk a path of healing through Somatic Shamanism.

​I’m located in Ocean Shores, in the Bundjalung Country of the Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia and I’m available for both face to face and distance sessions.​

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