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I’ll be running the CREATIVE FIRE workshop again on Feb 2nd in Ocean Shores.

During this workshop, we will be transforming our inner child into our adult self through somatic art and storytelling. Face our own creative blocks, using the archetypal stories or Persephone, Hades and Demeter to ignite these hidden aspects in us.

We will be going deep into our inner child in a held and safe space, using creative processing to bring her out and let her be seen. Dealing with our own inner Hades who tries to bring us down with self-critical thinking.


While also weaving in our wiser adult Demeter-self and Queen Persephone into our creations, so that we can fully integrate our inner child and her gifts, while also providing her with deep healing.

This is a deep and transformative process, where we step fully into our inner child and take her through a journey into the underworld where she meets her shadow and emerges into the topside world, a Queen.

This is a journey many of us take in life and in our own creative process.

We start off in our creativity as a free, boundless and curious spirit, and yet somewhere along our path something snatches this creative fire away and takes us deep into the underworld, where our inner Hades tries to put that fire out.

This is the place we meet our shadow, meet the parts of us that are hidden, yet persistent.

We meet these parts with a compassionate heart in a safe space and begin to untangle in this descent, turning our pain into wisdom as it should be.

There's an archetypal journey here, that each of us know well, these archetypes are not just stories, but the human experience that are alive in all of us.

Once we meet these parts of ourselves we emerge to the top-side world as women of wisdom, as Queen Persephone, an integrated, wise, compassionate being.

Our creations that we will be working on together will transform as will we during our workshop, it is a time for deep introspection and to express what all this brings up for you.



Sharing circle, ritual and exploration of our creative fire.

Together we will discover what blocks us from stepping into our full creative potential, how we can understand the cycles of creativity by looking into the archetypes such as Persephone, Demeter and Hades.

There will be storytelling and creative practices to light your creative fire.



Where: Ocean Shores (address given on booking)

When: Friday, 2nd of Feb, 10am-1pm (NSW time). 

Cost: $35

All art supplies supplied


This is an alcohol and drug free event. 

El duende is the small ember that we nurture within us, a mystical substance, the animating engine, the creative mind, the exotic eccentric, a way of living, and it is behind the self, that supports creative life.


When the leaves of the trees shake people say, 'ah el duende'.


This unseen force can fill people with God, or fierce words that can cut to the bone, or words that can heal or fly like a Shamans drum.This is the centre of the psyche.

It is a being that comes to roost or to visit those who make a place for it, and some are born with a gift while others try to chase it.

Yet if you attempt to tie it down, it will whither, and if you set a trap, it will evade you and if you use it without replenishing, it it will retreat.


Creativity is a cycle, with its quickening, birth, rising in energy to a zenith, and then entropy, decline and death, incubation, and repeat.


It’s this cycle that accounts for the creative acts and works that we put out into the world, whether they are acts of creating children, or acts that are done with the painters tools or the sculptures studio.


The cycle of creation, of rising and falling energy is as it should be, in this sense, there is no such sense of creative block.

There is a time where creative energy flows like a river underground and disappears for a time, in the meantime making a new body, and then emerging again.

However, there is a time where this cycle of creation / decline is interfered with by something that has occurred by the persons upbringing or adult life, something traumatising, that has twisted the cycle so it doesn’t work the right way, so that things stay underground and never emerge into the top-side world.


So many people labour in their creative life in isolation, and even more so, many people labour in their creative life with nothing forthcoming because there has been a wound that has been sustained that prevents output.


Blocked creativity can be a result of trauma, but may also be enriched by having a natural entropy and decline so that an incubation of new life can occur.


About your Facilitator

Deborah Wolf is a Shamanic Healer, Ancestral walker & trauma-informed Somatic practitioner and storyteller. Deborah offers grounded, nurturing  and deeply magikal sessions guiding people to dance with their shadow in a compassionate and loving space.

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