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“Working w Deborah has been nothing short of transformative.


She's a naturally gifted & intuitive healer who holds a wealth of knowledge & humble wisdom.

Deborah's genuine warmth & presence creates a safe & supported space.


“Deborah's work is absolutely incredible & I'm super grateful she has shared it with me


I feel at peace & a sense of presence & connection to nature.


Throughout the whole session I feel like I've come home.”



A brilliant energy healer, Deborah spends time to understand the blockages, removes toxic programs & devised a personal wellness & healing plan after each session to keep me in alignment with my true-self.


I recommend Deborah to people who are looking for healing, transformation & experience their highest potential, mentally & emotionally."


“Deborah is a highly empathic, intuitive & gifted healer”

She listens & understands many issues on a transcendental level & always responds to questions with wisdom & love.


Her ability to interpret spiritual counsel & express it in a way that is easily understood with clear instructions & pathways has been incredibly helpful for my healing". journey."



“I felt right at ease with Deborah straight away. She was able to understand my issues and give them greater meaning in our healing session.


I felt as though the days following I was better equipped to face and deal with things as they arose and was able to let go of old ways of responding. Overall feeling more calm and clear.


Highly recommend Deborah to anyone who is feeling stuck and wants help in transcending back to their higher selves.


“I loved my Soma-Shamanic Healing session.


Deborah holds such a beautiful, soft grounded space with heart and presence.


I felt safe and held – like I was wrapped in a warm comforting blanket – to go wherever the journey took us.


I came out with new understanding of patterns of wounding through ancestral lineage and reconnection with my soul.  I can feel the weight of the burden lifted and change occurring in my physical structure.




Deborah holds the most nurturing, safe & powerful space.


From the moment you meet her at the door, to her beautiful womb cave & being on her table.


I no longer have the daily fear or survival alarm bells ringing in my ears after clearing it in our session.


I feel at peace. I’m a more present mother & partner now that fear has subsided.


The relationship with my father has also lightened & changed since our session. I’m so grateful and excited for another session soon!"


“Mind = blown! Where do I begin? I had no idea what I was going into but what I was presented with was one of the most powerful healing experiences of my life.


Past childhood moments, heavy energy and protectors were all highlighted and supported to be moved with or moved along.


The most profound thing was the left side of my body, it had been causing my issues for years and I had no idea why, now after the treatment, I feel a change I haven't felt in a very long time."



Deborah has helped me connect with my authentic inner being & my energy.


She is a gifted, warm, supportive presence, who has stood by me & guided me through my journey of healing & self-discovery.


Since beginning my work with her, I feel more connected with source & centered.


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"My last workshop with Deborah was making my red drum it was powerful medicine that helped me navigate through the challenging times ahead.

She holds deep embodied wisdom can connect to the source lead the way exactly where it needs to go.


I always feel at ease in gentle hands. The messages teachings she received for me were so spot on it took my breath away every single time.


I can recommend her work from the bottom of my heart soul, grateful for her rare gifts she's willing to share."


It was an honor to work with Deb; she led the session with grace & an openness that gives space to whatever is meant to unfold.


Deb created a very safe & tender space & I truly felt heard & held & that I belong."



Deborah's insight has been instrumental in removing unwanted energy while strengthening my spiritual awareness.


The beautiful summary letter of our session has been invaluable for continuing reflection & guidance.


I would highly recommend Deborah as a shamanic healer & I will personally be looking to her for guidance for many years to come."


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