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Lomi Lomi massage, also known as loving hands massage, is a traditional Hawaiian massage that combines massage techniques, oils and breath to sooth the body.

In our session, we combine massage with spiritual healing to reconnect the mind, body and soul.

It has the same benefits as regular massage such as relieving aches, pains, stress and anxiety, but also includes intuitive body work for deeper healing, and an expanded state of wholeness, wellbeing and coming back to the body.

With Lomi Lomi massage, we can work in both the energetic and physical realms, by removing any build-up of old and heavy energies that have accumulated over time, while also relieving pain, increasing vitality and life-force energy.

Lomi in Hawaiian means to knead, rub and soothe, using the palms, fingers, forearms, knuckles and elbows during the massage to make broad flowing strokes. It has a positive effect on all body systems, improves flexibility, reduces stress, balance, the body and mind, and helps you reach clarity, relaxation and stillness.

Lomi Lomi frees your mind from blockages and stabilizes the mind to face new possibilities, and aids in clearing toxins, cleaning up the body, releasing body tension, healing pain and boosting the immune system.


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