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Your ancestors outnumber your fears

"Your ancestors outnumber your fears, feel their power" - Sarah Tawai

Do you know your ancestors?

Is their story repeating in your own life?

My belief is if you know your ancestors, you know your roots, & you know who you are.

When we don't know our ancestors, we don't know who we are & we feel untethered & a sense of not belonging or having roots to anchor us.

My ancestors on my mother's side were Babylonian Jews, & on my father's were Scottish, early Germanic European's & Scandinavians.

In Babylon, my family were some of 10,000 Jews kidnapped from Israel by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.

He chose the types of people that could serve him the best & be integrated into his society, for 2,500 years they lived in Babylon & kept their faith alive even though they were in a different land, with a different faith & an unknown culture all around them.

In Babylon they wrote their scriptures & began to prosper in their society, they started to become in charge of the money because back in those days, that job was thought of as something to give to slaves.

But they got so good at it, that it gave them a respectable seat in Babylon.

There is a theme in this line that wherever they have settled they were exiled from, as soon as they got comfortable & earned a living they were kicked out, there were pogroms and they had to constantly search for home.

I've had this running theme in my life too, the fear of being exiled and not feeling like 'home' or having things taken from me.

My Father's ancestors settled in Tasmania from Yorkshire and before then Scotland. I've followed as far back as I can to Sweden and Denmark and before then from Germanic Europe.

I connect with my mother's side easy, because I grew up with the same food that was eaten since the destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem in 70CE.. true story!

However, my father's side had always been a mystery to me and wasn't as easy to connect to and this made me feel untethered and ungrounded.

Is there something in your lineage that is a running theme in your life? Something that has kept repeating in order to be healed?

Would love to hear your stories.

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