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My training comes from 11 years of experience in this field & from a lifetime(s) of working with Spirit, trauma, & the body. 


My wisdom comes from lifetime(s) of turning what I survived from into victories.


Deep in my bones are stories of lived experiences that have taught me how to live and be a Wise woman, and it's in you too.


I have lived through battles, wars, famine, brutality and have had the ones I have loved torn from me and I in turn have torn loved ones from people too.


This is the truth about what we carry, and we go through lifetimes with this information stored in our body.


It comes out when there is a trigger, or a karmic button that has been pushed. All to heal it, and it must be healed through feeling it fully and leaning into it, and this time, dealing with it in a better way.


This means we can actually heal and let things go, but it requires the ancient wild self, the oldest part of our heart to emerge.

This is where the values come in from the Lineages I've been taught under, they teach you how to hold yourself so that you can walk through the fire without getting burnt.

​I've been taught under the Lakota Medicine Pipe as well as the Incan Medicine Wheel by a Lakota Sundance elder who was my Teacher & Mentor for 8 years.

Lakota is a tradition where integrity, honor, respect, & truth are core values.


Under this mentorship I was being trained to become a peaceful warrior & face parts of myself that tested me greatly. It's something that I now embody as a person & a healer.

I was part of a traditional Lakota Sweat lodge council & this tradition is very much a part of my foundations.

The Incan way taught me about love & being peace. It put me on the Medicine Wheel, in which I went through each direction meticulously over 8 years.

Starting with the Snake, I shed a lot of me that wasn't in alignment with my Soul, I ended up letting a lot go, including people & paths. It taught me to trust my body, & remember that we are custodians of the Earth, or Earth Keepers.

In the West I tracked my Shadow parts with Jaguar medicine, found my lost & hidden Soul aspects & brought them back into me with compassion & empathy brought my Grandmother Moon medicine.

Here, I also faced parts of my past lives that had to be dealt with, I cleared a lot of My Karmic patterns & healed wounds that I never thought could be healed.

In the North, I journeyed with the Hummingbird, & started to become my most authentic self, my heart led the way & I was seeing the world through the eyes of my Soul.

Here I also began my journey into Ancestral Healing & letting go of all the roles I thought I was, throwing the masks into the fire & moving closer to my Highest Self.

In the East, I met with the Eagle & the Condor, here they showed me how to dream my world into being, how to have the audacity to dream big & hand those dreams over to Spirit to take flight.

I had to learn to trust my path, trust what Spirit was showing me & get out of the way. I saw my Life from a higher perspective & lived through the Soul, rather through the mind.


As I kept embodying this energy, I kept having supported rebirths and power retrievals, My heart was opening more, here, visions and ancient medicines returned to me and I was no longer reactive.

My promises to you are:


I promise that I will only work with your highest good

that serves your best interest

I promise privacy, confidentially and a safe space, that any sensitive or intimate information will be kept in the strictest of confidence and not shared except with your permission


I promise to help and support you with your healing transition, while on the table as well as post session


I promise to treat you with courtesy, compassion and to respect your boundaries and sovereignty in all aspects including physically, mentally and spiritually


I promise that if at any time you would like to end the session or have had a change at heart that you have the right to do so


I promise to maintain the highest integrity of this work by working on myself, my life and my own shadow so that I can hold space for another person


I promise that I will not go out of my way to seek information about areas of their life other than the area in which they have asked me to work


I promise my clients that the work I do will not be rushed, but rather allowed to happen at its best possible speed


I promise to let my clients know that I am not an interpreter of information, but rather will provide you any appropriate information I receive, and will allow you to interpret it as you see fit


I promise to let my clients know that my purpose as a Shamanic healer is to help and heal; I will not do anything with the intent of harming


Please note, that Shamanic healing work is non-medical, or psychological, or a social service and cannot replace any of the above, but can work beside it

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