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The innocence of conscious kink

I’ve been exploring taboos lately, as a double Scorpio I’m almost encouraged.. I have a background of sexual repression & trauma which I’ve been recovering from for the last 12 years. Mid-last year I started to break out of it thanks to a dream that led me to a tantric bodyworker.. & the pull to constantly put myself into unknown territory to find my growths edge & see if i’ll fly or fall. Something came alive in me when this primordial essence woke up, it’s a force that is all around me now, a genie that won’t go back in its box. It’s my energy.. life force or not, it’s actually my beautiful fucking energy & the more I feed her the more grounded I feel & the more she burns through my old trauma.. she’s alive & free & she wants to explore herself through connection. As I follow her guidance I’m led to the most beautiful & unusual adult playgrounds, where fellow explorers seek to find out who they are in the world of tantra & conscious kink. It is touching to witness others prioritizing their relationship to their sexuality, who are rediscovered their innocence by exploring their curiosities safely. Innocence in the conscious kink world is not something I expected to find, but it continues to be the loudest part & blows my heart wide open. I have made the most beautiful friendships in these spaces. When people are encouraged to step into their weirdness, their edges or taboo.. something magikal & unexpected happens. As they explore their taboos safely in a container, voice their boundaries & work w consent.. their nervous system begins to relax, tightness in their bodies unfurl & they begin to step into the most innocent parts of their hearts. It’s the container that provides the freedom & safety to explore what it means to be a sexually alive human being. You hear laughter, giggles, chatter, sighs, spanks & people like you sharing their stories of wounds & of curiosities. The mask falls down & as we lean into our weirdness, vulnerabilities & truths.. we become more beautiful and our ability to connect becomes profoundly healing. 🎭

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