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Surviving the Dark night

Dark night of the soul sounds scary as hell but is an important rite of passage that all of us enter.

It is what happens when there is a death of the old ‘egoic’ self and birth of the new spiritual self.

It is a painful process that ultimately initiates you to a higher level of consciousness and bringing on a new sense of self, the awakened self.

It is a re-birth of something within, something that had to break free of old habits, beliefs and old ways, it feels like your world has completely collapsed, everything you believed in is now meaningless and what you perceived to be meaningful now has no weight.

You are realizing your egoic self is not you and that life has a new meaning for you.

The pain you feel rising up is suppressed pain from the past, all coming to surface- to be finally released and cleaned out.. but in order to do that, it must be fully felt and experienced.

Shedding our egoic self seems like it will go on forever.

The process of The dark night of the Soul is a time of vigorous self-realization, you will feel plagued egoic illusions such as shame, guilt, self-pity, victim blaming and regret, etc.

Once you see past this and learn to love it for what it is, you can forgive and love yourself and learn from this experience.

The only way past these prickly humps is to go through it by surrendering, accepting and letting go and trust that it will be over when it's ready.

Only then will you become acutely aware of the clarity and understanding you get from going through this storm, and can move on to the next phase of your spiritual identity, becoming ever more present on the healing path.

For myself when I go through this; I have to remind myself that this is good for me, that I will rise from the ashes and be a newer wiser version of myself. That tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow I will feel grateful for this experience.

If you are on this journey, please remember that it will pass, it wants you to lean in. The feeling of the dark night is both a combination of old feelings and fears coming up, and our resistance to feel them.

Wishing you so much love on this journey.

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