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Magnetizing your divine counterpart

Yesterday I practiced seeing how far my heart could reach.. I spent it alone but amongst people and purposely went into crowds or busy beaches with my little secret.

There were parts that were held back and parts that retreated around certain types of people..

I was being shown what I feel safe around and what I’ve been subconsciously protecting myself from.

I’ve watched it amplify and watch it shrink and shy away.

I used the beach as a blank canvas and radiated love out towards her, the sky, my ancestors and Creator and felt the love roll out and then back towards me even stronger.

I felt full and light and began laughing at the bigness, the simplicity and the ease of love I was feeling.

I sent rays of love out towards my family, friends, and so on.. and felt the truth of the depth as it continued to expand on and on. I could sense past lives with others as well as karmic ones.

I also sensed where the love fell short, where there was no room for it and had to accept and trust for whatever reason, that’s not a path for me.

The heart doesn’t lie and I did not question it’s clarity and truth..

Then on its own my body reached out for my divine counterpart, whom I haven’t yet met.. and wow, it brought me to tears.. I felt them reaching for me too, it was as though two suns we’re facing each other.

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