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Lilith, the rule breaker

I came from a deeply religious world growing up and broke every rule, I didn’t fit and I relished in the notion of being a sacred rebel.

The girls around me wore skirts to cover their knees and didn’t speak out of term to adults or boys.

But I hiked my skirt well above the knee and made passionate love to my boyfriend in the bathroom before the bell rang..

I was called all kinds of names behind my back, but to me ~ my rebellion was Sacred.

I saw my sexual expression as healthy and vital to who I was.

I wasn’t hurting anyone and I was strictly monogamous and I loved hard.

I then joined a deeply spiritual shamanic mentorship as an adult that changed my life for the better, but again I broke out of that.. my feminine was calling and wanted to be reignited again.

She told me, hey sister.. this is wonderful and all, but where’s the fire?

And then.. recently I exited a 15 year marriage with my best friend, and again, I was confronted with this voice.

I managed to find a Soul to push my every button, insecurity and in it I became lost and cold and hungry.

That inner fire.. a tiny ember, hidden in unspoken truths with no room for me to express or escape.

That tiny little ember was louder than I realised.. it kept saying.. hey sister, this is comfortable and all.. but what are we going to do about me? If you don’t stoke my fire, I could go out forever..

I followed this voice and realised I have always had her.. and instead of being pushed down or in the background, she’s right at the front, throwing popcorn at the back of people’s heads and laughing.

This archetype lives in all of us, can you hear her sister?

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