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Healing disassociation

I used to be out of my body, it was my normal state.. and it was easy for me to journey far away and out of it because of early trauma.

I’ve had to do a lot of work, ten years of deep initiations into Shamanism under a teacher, as well as Somatic therapy and tantric bodywork in recent years.

All to come home to myself.

I was numb, frozen and disassociated.

For years I couldn’t feel below my heart… My legs, stomach, and sacral were all numb, they were not a part of me, phantom body parts that didn’t feel like mine.

I was fragmented into parts that didn’t connect, and my Soul flew above me on a kite behind a cloud.

Even throughout my ten years of Shamanic work and Soul retrieval.. I was still disassociated.

Shamanism helped me to alchemise my life and heal in an infinite amount of ways..

But it wasn’t until I started working with a trauma-informed somatic therapist and tantric body worker that I actually started to come back home to my body.

The way this was supported and healed was just through me feeling emotions that were stored away in my body, that never had a chance or opportunity to come out safely.

Parts of myself came up that I didn’t know existed, emotions arose that didn’t need explanations, everything was welcome and slowly I was starting to feel my body and my life force energy again.

I needed so much help, and I’m one of the fortunate people to have gotten it.. but it took time.

I’ve dedicated the last ten years to healing myself and have combined Shamanism and Somatic work w my clients, these two aspects work beautifully together and I love seeing the full circle of becoming what I needed when I was struggling the most.

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