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I would have been burnt for this

The more that I come home to myself, the more I realize I would have been burnt for this.

It takes a single wild ember to bring a whole wildfire to life ✨🔥

There are so many embers burning brightly at this phase in the world✨🙏🏼🌙

I’d like to honor all the Ancestors and Earth Walkers who were here before us, who paved the road for us.

Deepest reverence and gratitude to you.

Deep bows for the price you paid.

We know you are still burning.

We have cried your tears and held your grief in our own bodies.

From the highlands to the seas we have heard you,

In our own desires and needs, we can hear you.

We have received your pain and your stories and we have been healing and surrendering.

We have received your gifts and guidance and we pray that you are rested and vibrant.

Every time we step into ourselves more we are healing the lives that came before us.

We are so connected.


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