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Wyld water whispering

It’s old magik,

talking into the water,

Our oldest living ancestor

Quiet & wyld life force

What would you tell her?

So many things..

Whatever blessings you tell her

are for your ears too..

Whatever love you share

is for your heart too..

“I love you

You are so beautiful

You are so loved

You are so kind

You are a beautiful mother

You’re doing such a good job


Thnkyou for my whole life

For my health

My body

My love

I am here and I am forever

I love you.”

Whisper into her,

Into you

And pour that love back

into her ocean at the end of the moon,

and fill your chalice up again with even more of her.

Placing her on my heart

I can feel her

I know her

she knows me

And you

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