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We're all in the swirl of the dark night

This month has been in a word.. #%*ed.. and in an emoji… 🧘🏻‍♀️

I feel like I’ve been ripped apart and put back together again..

My heart has broken so many times this month and yet I feel stronger…

I have felt totally disempowered and punched down on and yet I feel more empowered than ever…

I have crumbled into a mess on the floor and cried my heart out but somehow I am focused, grounded and in love with life…

All this pain is fertilizer.

It’s making us stronger, this is the time of purging and we are right now in a collective Ayahuasca ceremony.

We are getting hit with wave upon wave, and instead of covering our heads to the impact, we can get on the wave by changing our perspective.

This is some scary & beautiful growth happening right now to all of us, it’s hard to appreciate it when you’re in the swirl of the dark night, but it’s meant to be that way, how else could you appreciate the radiance that follows...

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