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We are the architects of our own life.

We are the architects of our own life.

🌀 We are born with a blueprint to create and give birth to life ~

❤️‍🔥 To evolve and expand into love ~

💫 And to reflect the brightness of the ancestor Star lineages that we came from ~

🙏🏼 And bring these traits to Earth..

1). creation/ manifestation magik >> remembering that we are more powerful than we realise, that we are more than our stories and wounds, and that we have the right to create the life we want, this comes online when we are fully empowered.

2). To fully feel >> our wounds so that we can rise above them, learn the wisdom from them and expand into love and compassion for ourselves and others.

3). To become like the stars// to learn how to shine once more, become fully illuminated from the inside/ out, so that our very presence and energy shifts the changes the world needs.

🔥 If we look closely we can see that the very wound’s we’ve been handed are the key to our personal evolution. 🗝

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