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Truth is like a sword

All I ever needed was to speak my truth, a truth so hard to hear that it shook me back into my roots once spoken. A unloving spell finally broken.

A spell of clouds that hid my mind from itself, and kept my heart and body a prisoner… receiving ‘love’ from an empty cup.

At my roots far below I see into the eyes of my ancestors, ancient hands wrapped around my ankles, and the soft touch of my grandmother on my back.. whispering sweet songs to me.. “here, child, see, see it my love.. see it with love”.

Patiently they waited for a time when I was ready to see it, they stood around me in solidarity when I was ready to speak it, and I felt them hold my hands as I let the tears take me.

The truth can be painful but I wouldn’t take it back, I knew that what lay ahead of me was not easy but my life needed to be claimed back.

The truth was accompanied by an open door, it brought with it the core feeling that I ran from and forced me to confront it.

And brought with it a white fire that rose from my most secret of places and burnt through me and my trauma, exposing my life force energy and the secrets of it.

It surprised me. The lid was taken off the furnace and it was ready to come off.

When we stay in an energy that we have outgrown and hide the truth of how we really feel and put away our needs.. we are avoiding the growth that comes naturally w letting something go that’s had its time.

We end up in a stagnant energy, our life force becomes diminished and we are in an energy of death and decay without the rebirth.

This is Snake medicine, it’s job is to shed what is ready to shed and with tonight’s full moon, what a perfect time to ritualise this.

What needs to be put to rest during this full moon?

What needs to be illuminated?

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