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Truth can burn

I haven't posted online in a while.

I've had 'growth spurt' to put it lightly.

I've had the shit kicked out of me and after resisting I’ve finally deepened into myself more.

I've come out of hibernation to see the snow has melted.

I thought I would never stop spinning.

I welcome this white fire that has burnt me.

I woke up in this cave to a dream that shook me, showed me.

What it was that I truly desired

What it was that I truly was

What I was pretending to be ~

A butterfly in a cocoon

Not trusting enough to fly free

I felt

The truth

And it burnt me

It showed me that I was the one blocking my own power

And of course I knew that

And of course I couldn’t see it clearly

I stayed in the cocoon

And it felt safe not to feel

the truth

But the thing is

The clever thing is

That the truth is nagging

It kept trying to whisper to me

It spoke to me through my body

My senses

You don’t need a psychic or a cloud to tell you

You always know the truth

and with great pressure, suffering and tension we can attempt to block it

or we can give in and allow it to burn

How much faith does a butterfly have to know it can fly once it leaves it's home?

This fire doesn't burn us

it is burning all that isn't us.

and from those ashes we become a new kind of thing.

Something from the dreams of our Soul,

that is more authentically us.

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