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Truth, a doorway to freedom

These words are the perfect invocation to realizing one’s own sovereignty and awakening. My heart and body are opening ~ because I am telling my truth. My heart and body had shut down ~ because I wasn’t speaking it. I was afraid to. I had closed myself up from saying what I want, and the more I did that the more I ignored my feelings. The more I ignored my feelings, the more I felt numb and disassociated from my body. Telling the truth is an act of love, and when done with care taken is an act of grace and beauty. The truth can become trapped in our body if not spoken, and make us heavy, stagnant, sick and tired. When we don’t speak our truth, we step out of Universal flow and away from ourselves. If we do that long enough it can be hard to come back from and we can easily find ourselves in a healing crisis. It was hard for me for years to speak my own truth, there were so many obstacles that made me feel my truth was inconvenient and would rock the boat ~ so I stayed quiet, stayed hidden and grew weaker by the day, until I became suicidal. I understand the hesitation because it could really shift things if you’re not ready. I would always suggest to start small, only speak it to a few people who can hold you well, don’t rush to make changes, instead let it gestate and grow legs and momentum while supporting yourself and feeling how the truth unlocks the traps of the mind and body. Blessings 🌀✨🔥

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