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The link between Trauma and Chronic Illness

Trauma happens when we have experienced too much too soon & are completely overwhelmed suddenly by an event, sending our body into a hyper arousal state of terror or fear.

If we don’t express our feelings about the event sometime after - then a part of us remains stuck & frozen there & because of this; our body tries to calm itself down.

But if we keep pushing ourselves our body will calm us down for us w force by introducing depression, chronic exhaustion & even chronic illness.

The energy from the event creates a ripple that will continue to replicate until it is interrupted & the feelings we experienced in the original event are experienced in a safe container & set free.

The emotion turns into motion as it should be & moves on, or integrates.

I’ve noticed w people who have chronic health issues that they have difficulties inhabiting their body, or have experienced disassociation for long periods of time.

Subconsciously they feel almost traumatized to be in the body, this is bc at the time of a traumatic event, they didn’t feel safe & had to check out to survive.

But their body, their wise body is trying to get their attention THROUGH the illness bc it was being ignored.

We can think of the nervous system like a crying baby, it wants to be picked up, fed, cuddled, it needs this & that.

If the nervous system is crying out for help while we are trying to go on w our life & focus just on what we want to ‘achieve’..

Then it’s just going to pull us back, we’ll suddenly get hit w a mysterious illness, or chronic exhaustion & it’s not our body punishing us, it’s the little child in us that needs us.

Not dealing w our inner child, & just trying to get on with our busy life is like ignoring the little version of us that desperately needs to connect w us & feel safe.

How can we reframe our chronic illness, tired nervous system, exhausted body in a more loving way?

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