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To be a hollow bone

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

To be a hollow bone-

Creator won't just grant us that, he will give us opportunities to find a way to become that.

Through lessons, we are here to learn.

We are here to learn how to die, which is the same as learning how to trust.

And to trust that whatever is dying is meant to, and to let go of holding onto what we know and to step into what we don't know.

Knowing that Spirit has a plan for us.

When we walk this way; the path that looks invisible becomes a miraculous surprise. Something that we couldn't have possibly imagined in our wildest dreams.

To be a hollow bone-

With no expectations or attachments to the outcome.

Instead, sit in the discomfort and recognize the attachments and how they cause heaviness. Release them and come back to yourself and fill in those gaps by growing trust.

And remembering the times in your life that when you did trust- and how it brought you miracles.

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