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This Scorpio Moon is Ceremony time

Happening right now we have Scorpio super blood moon, w a Lunar eclipse Monday AEST at 11.32am…

Michael Meade says, “Change can make a person smaller or a soul bigger, it’s up to you how you do it.”

These next few days are big, so big that you may have already felt the pull to deep ceremony.

There is a feeling of pulling up our sleeves & doing what needs to be done right now.

This moon gives us a choice..

> And asks, how serious are we about our path?

> Are we really ready to get to our core wound.. & core true self?

> How aligned are we at this present time?

> Are we ready to look at the deepest shadow part of ourselves & take it to ceremony?

The answer has the potential to right any wrongs, & shift the poles to bring us back on track.

And a deep ceremony can change the world.

These next few days are ceremony time, a perfect opportunity to have a vision quest, a fast, or to sit & see what arises.

To hold ourselves accountable & to hold ourselves through it.

This doesn’t need to be done the patriarchal way.. there is a feminine voice that has cracked through time & space that is asking us to turn & face her.

She is subtle, loving & there is a deeper listening involved.

She asks us to..

..Don’t do, just BE

..Don’t let go, just LET BE

..Don’t force, LET IS ARISE

..Don’t shed, destroy, transcend, transmute, just listen & hold lightly w a compassionate heart.

When we embrace this feminine aspect, the shift we have been seeking come to us like a river that flows through a newly formed crack in stone.

This is our feminine way.

It’s a sacred time for our underworld shadows to dance in our day to day, for the unwanted visitors of anger, jealousy, fear, judgement, boredom, & grasping to make themselves known.

> For us to sit still & welcome these visitors to sit by our fire, listen intently to their stories & show deep compassion to them.

> Feeling where they live in us.

> Sensing how they feel, are they hard or soft? Still or moving? Are they hot or cold?

> What images & beliefs arise as we feel into them?

> Name each aspect as we go & Bring loving awareness to them.

Spirit arrow ceremony for this moon…

Light a candle, & make an offering of incense to Spirit & Earth w your breath.

Find dried leaves or sage & blow each of these aspects into it, ask for healing in your prayer, to let go of any limiting beliefs & heaviness.

When you have released w your leaves or sage, use a new piece & blow into it what you want, bringing the warmth of that smoking leaf into your third eye, heart & sacral.

Thank the fire and put it out.

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