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The truth on guarded hearts

A guarded heart is a temporary thing, it may have been guarded by dragons and fiery vines for eons upon eons.. But what’s required is not a knight in shining armor to blaze through it, but sunlight itself to expose the vulnerable underbelly of the beast and the cautious vines that try and try and try to protect.

Every beast that inhabits us or anything that seemingly attacks us has had to learn to be there to protect a part of us that is too vulnerable to protect itself.

I hear clients speak of things that attack them, haunt them, and in their minds they feel they are being punished, the reality is that sometimes there are external things that need to be moved out of the system, but more often than not..

It’s the client’s own inner protector parts that are flared up because of a trigger or because the nervous system is in a state of unrest.

What we do is speak to these protector parts and offer them some kind of gratitude for having to becoming this way so that we wouldn’t let our hearts be broken again.

But there comes a time as we get older when we want our hearts to be open because either there’s someone there to meet it or we simply want to be more present in our own life.

And this is when the dragon and the vines need to be seen for their much needed roles and thanked, and in this gratitude the dragon turns into a bunny rabbit and the vines burst into cherry blossoms, and the path to the heart is clear to approach.

And what’s there at the end of this path?

The exiled inner child, and she is waiting for the only one who has the right to come and retrieve her, you.

Here is the part where you step into your role as the adult and see them/ yourself compassionately and bring them back into the world with you so they can integrate.

This is Somatic healing.

I combine Somatic and Shamanic healing in our sessions and it is so so deep and profound.

I love this work 🖤

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