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Looking from the Soul level

Sometimes the very thing we are avoiding is the very thing we are already facing.

And we put so much energy into subconsciously trying to avoid it, that we lose track of where we are at with it ~ and it becomes this ‘thing’ that we now need to overcome.

For those that feel lonely or neglected in their relationships but stay with their partners out of fear of being alone..

For those who have big dreams and don’t make steps towards them, and stay frozen, stagnant and paralyzed out of fear of them never coming true..

For those who feel insecure or have low self-esteem, fear of being persecuted to speak up, stand up or go after their desires ~ so stay hidden, quiet and out of the way..


These are all traps of the mind, the mind is trying to keep us ‘safe’, so it clings to the very thing that keeps us small and trapped.

It doesn’t know the Soul or the Heart very well, it’s almost like it can’t hear it or even know it exists.

When we get into an expanded state of the Soul we start to see things clearly.

And likewise, when we don’t do this, when we stay in the mind and constrict, and we can’t grow.

When we look at things from the Soul level and we do this enough.. this looking at the truth of what is and not try to jump into changing it immediately from the mind ~ but just let it be and breathe.. and let it be acknowledged with compassion..

Something interesting happens.. it changes reality on it’s own, because it’s been allowed to be heard.

What truth have you been blocking by fear of what ‘it could mean’ if you say it?

What would happen if you said it freely without putting any obstacles in front of it?

And what if you stayed with that, and simply looked at it and acknowledging it with kind eyes?

This is the kind of work that takes work, time, patience and compassion.

How can you look at the clarity given with compassion?

Sometimes just voicing these fears, truths is all that is needed, sometimes our world changes to balance these truths and put them where they should be.

This process is integrative and prepares us for any changes.

Blessings 🌀✨

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