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My Red Frame Drum story

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

In a shamanic journey in 2017 I was taken to a cave to meet my ancestors where they presented me w a red frame drum, my ancestors spoke to me and told me to make my own to connect with them.

Following the trail of my ancestors is something I've always been curious about, I had no knowledge of where they originally came from but I always yearned to know.

I spent the next year experimenting and finally birthed my first red drum in 2018. As I created her I turned on some videos online to learn more about the frame drum and overheard an incredible synchronicity about how the first frame drums belonged to women- were red!

I burst into tears and grabbed hold of the ground, I felt Spirit all around me. My purpose was in my hands and I was being supported and this was confirmation by my ancient ancestors to make this drum and do this work.

And I am grateful and over the moon to say that I am now teaching others to create their own.

​Since this journey I've learnt more about my ancestry and has found that my ancestors had come from Caucus, ancient Turkey where the frame drum was created as far back as 5600BC, where it was used by women to represent their womb and was painted red.

The red frame drum can be traced as far back as Palaeolithic times, it was made to represent the Goddess, the divine aspect that connects all women through their life giving blood that they hold in their wombs.

The red drum is the place within all women that connects us to each other, to the heart beat of the Earth and to the heart beat of our own Mothers, tracing all the way back through our red thread connecting all the Mother's and Grandmother's who came before us.

Frame drums have been used in all kinds of ceremony, rites of passage, bringing on moon blood; midwifing mothers during birth and is used shamanically to shift energies, call upon the healed ancestors for guidance and used to travel between worlds for healing and altered

ecstatic states.

It holds the rhythm of the Earth and our bodies and reminds us where we are from and that we come from rhythm, it is the universal language that connects us all and covers all emotions from joy to anger to grief to ecstasy.

To make your own drum click here.

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