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The Red Drum

I woke up this morning thinking about my beloved red drums.

How they came to me in a dream & how I spent a year w a women’s mystery school fine honing the deep red colour as my end of year presentation.

Coming up w my own secret recipes to bring this dream to life.

I can’t tell you in words how it felt once my first red drum was birthed.

It felt like I was answering an ancestral calling.

It felt magik.

In a dream, I came to my Ancestors Cave.

It was dark& I felt reluctant to connect w them, but something felt bigger than me, old & familiar.

An ancestor approached & handed me a red drum, I couldn’t see their face in the darkness, just their hands & a vibrant red drum that reminded me of a blood red moon.

I had never seen or heard of a red drum before & I had no idea these had ever existed in real life.

The Ancestor said, play this drum to connect to your Ancestors, play this drum when you are afraid, we will be there.

Make this drum for us.

I leaped out of bed the next morning.

A red drum?

I hated the colour red. Hated it.

I had a guttural aversion to it.

In an earlier dream in my life, I created a world with no red, I changed the traffic light colours, street signs & cars & felt relief.

I didn’t know there would be magik & medicine hiding behind the resistance.

What I found was interesting.

The first drums played by women were coloured w red ochre to symbolise our sacred blood & connection w the moon & our cycles. Honouring our red thread lineage & the Goddess.

My mums ancestors were Jews, from Canaan, to Babylon, to Israel, to Turkey to Iraq to Mumbai, to Sydney.

The people of ancient Turkey also made red drums.

My dad’s were Viking, possibly Sami, & migrated to Scotland, to Norfolk & then Tasmania.

The Sami’s too made red drums.

I’m on a pilgrimage to connect w my Ancestor’s & I would like to create red drums for anyone who feels connected to them.

Please get in touch with me if you would like me to create a red drum for you.


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