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The positive side of jealousy

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

If you are on a spiritual journey chances are you’ve had this feeling. Whether it be your partner, friend or family, if they are going through spiritual growth while you are going through spiritual ‘stagnanticity’- it’s very easy to feel jealousy. Even if you’ve been working on yourself on a continual basis for years; when a primal feeling like jealousy arises it’s easy to think you are not as enlightened as you thought you were.

The upside of feeling jealousy or any negative feeling for that matter is an opportunity to work with this feeling and discover the powerful lesson in it. What are you really jealous of and why? How does this reflect on you? Why does comparing yourself to another person cause you to feel inadequate?

And there it is, that tinge of doubt that you have about yourself, that’s the real reason, it has nothing to do with the person you are feeling jealous about. You are jealous because you feel inadequate and you feel inadequate because you have forgotten that you are a human being, with human emotions and one of those emotions is jealousy. Just because you feel it- it doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you a human person. What makes you stand apart though is the way you handle this emotion and learn from it.

Jealousy, just like any other emotion needs to be processed in a healthy way instead of allowing it to consume and control you.

Instead of cowering away from this feeling, embrace it instead, just like we embrace our shadow self, when you accept your jealous-side you are telling yourself it’s OK to feel that way because you are human and by accepting it you are accepting yourself and loving yourself and taking the wheel.

Jealousy can motivate us to get back onto our path, in order to accept and learn from this teaching, we need to no longer compare ourselves to others, we need to be true to ourselves and stand is our own power and walks our own path. For our path is just for us, and their path is just for them, but we are all walking with Spirit.


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