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The Healing Journey

“Oh how will I ever climb out of the misery I am in…? and what is this urge for me to climb to the top of this mountain when it seems so impossible..?”

“The mountain is so treacherous & so steep, its peak pierces the sky, way up there above the clouds…it keeps going & going…”

“It’s impossibly high, I'll never be able to get up there.. but what is this urge that keeps calling me..?”

“Down here below the peak my world is covered in darkness, I live in the thickest, heaviest smog, I can’t see clearly & it keeps getting darker, I am so tired & my body feels weak… & now there are hands prodding at me through the billows.. oh dear… & now I can’t breathe.. what do I do..?”

“The mountain is calling me.. but I'm so frightened.. I’ve never left this smog.. what if.. what if.. what IF…?!”

“It’s crushing me in this place, I must move”.

“It has to be better than this, & it’s still calling me, what if I just got up a little bit & see how I felt..?”

… (b r e a t h i n g) …

“Wow.. what is this? I have a bit more energy now, and I’m starting to feel better.. maybe I'll keep going…”

“The smog is clearing.. oh I can breathe..!”

“Every step I get closer to those clouds, I notice I am getting stronger & the fall below becomes more frightening than the climb up now..”

“I must keep going, I must not fall”.

“I don’t ever want to go back down there”.

“Oh look, I am in the clouds now.. I thought they were the top but there’s clear skies above the clouds..”

“How they were covered.. all this vast sky, covered by these clouds…”

“The sun warms me, I can see everything and everywhere from this height..”

“I look below at my old stories, I am high above all the dramas like the Eagle”.

“I am high above the story That I believed WAS ME..”

“Ahh, I see now. So THIS IS ME.

And that was a story..”

“Everything looks so different from up here. So much more clearer.”

“What do I do now..? Now that I don’t relate to that old story..?”

When you aren’t living an old story, or reacting from triggers.. you become the real you.

Otherwise you are stuck in the story..

Where are you in this journey..?

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