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The Great Knowing

What happens to us when dark energies surround us? What does the energy want? What does it feed on? The answer is light, your light.

Since I was young I could sense and sometimes see energy, especially dark energy. When I would go to sleep at night demonic faces would appear and try to scare me, I was scared for a very long time when I suddenly realized that these ‘things’ would react when I would react, so I started acting very differently and thought of the next best thing to being scared and it was being angry.

This of course didn’t help me, but at the time I believed it was the right thing to do, and to be honest it was the only thing I could do with what little skills and knowledge I had.

I used to have battles with these entities, I would fight and growl and act scarier than they were, this makes me sound completely nuts but when you don’t know what you are doing it’s all you can do bc you are scared you will be taken over somehow. The fear fed my anger and that is a foolish combination, it bloated my ego and fed them more, as a result I was starved of energy and my ego had doubled.

What I later learnt (the hard way) was that we as people are all beings of light, we all have souls and are connected to source always. When we breathe it’s a constant reminder that we are connected to source, but this of course is forgotten when we are born, until we have to relearn it later.

So I did learn this later, as I said it was the hard way, I went through much soul loss and retrieval, it was as though my soul and ego was dragged through the mud for many years. I battled with myself in the end instead of the energies. I lost many times, but each loss brought me closer to a final win.

How did I win? Simple, by breathing.

You may have read another article where I mentioned my suicidal situation in October 2015 where I mentioned what led me to that point and what helped take me out of it. One of the things was that I sought out the shaman that I frequently go to. Once journeying with the shaman, I was met with a giant snake and millipede in the desert, they chased me down while I tried to run away and dodge their moves. My spirit animal swooped me up and took me to safety in the clouds where I was met with my other spirit- allies from previous journeys. The giant beasts kept trying to break through the clouds, up and up they came until I felt something behind me and turned around to face a new spirit that I hadn’t met in person but had appeared to me in the form of mountains in previous journeys. This was the mountain spirit, or thunder spirit, I’m still not sure, all I remember is that he was made of rocks and came from the lightning storm above me.

He shot a lightning bolt into my left hand, I examined it, it was a clear quartz, he then told me the lessons that I needed to know in order to defeat the creatures. He told me without words or sound, it was a knowing that he passed on to me.

I listened intently, it was so simple, I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I understood what to do next and thanked him and turned to the giant snake and millipede that slashed and hissed through the clouds that were between us.

I stood very still, my spirit-allied were there if I needed them but I knew I didn’t. I held the quartz into my chest and filled my stomach up with air and breathed into the animals as they tried to move towards me, I trusted that the source was a part of me and everything, even them. I felt like I had cracked the Matrix Code.

I felt the source move through me, I felt it feeling recognized, it felt powerful and strong, these things didn’t have a chance. The great knowing I call it is when you know that you are part of source and source is with you always, if you are faced with a dark entity, you don’t need to pick up a weapon, show your teeth, you simply need to breath. Now to be more confusing- if they know you know the knowing, they know they have no chance. To get to know the knowing all you have to do is breathe.


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