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The empath's journey

The empath’s life path, purpose and journey is to develop discernment and choose carefully what and who they give their attention to, because they will feel e v e r y t h i n g.

The journey is to learn to feel their own feelings as well as everyone else’s and know the difference between the two.

Empaths tend to fall out of feeling their own feelings because they’ve felt too responsible for others, perhaps grown up in a chaotic or intense environment from an early age, had to keep the peace at all costs and hold space for others from the time they were young.

The empath becomes sensitive to their surroundings, sounds, people, food and their environment.

It is like putting a hummingbird in the middle of the city, they need to feed on life energy and it is a constant back and forthness until this is learnt and followed.

The empath’s journey is to learn to express their emotions and embrace and integrate their younger self and to develop a healthy and supportive life style.

Once this is learnt, space can be held for others.

Learning to feel your feelings is like growing roots, once you start to express them.. you are unshakable.

A truth opens in you that shifts the very planets themselves.


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