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The beauty of turning 40

I’m turning 40 on the 13th and I’m over the moon because I’m finally becoming myself.

I have double Scorpio w a Libra moon w nearly all my planets in Scorpio in my 1st house.

I’m not kidding around in this life.

I came here to move through the mud + flames + heal myself.

To become my truest self, + be a guide for other’s who are walking in the dark.

My journey has taken me to the brink + back + has granted me capacity to dive deep with a sureness + unwavering steadiness + trust in myself.

I’ve had to learn this the hard way ~ by being the opposite of that for many years.

By guiding other’s, I see the journey of the Soul, from the sacred wound to the sacred path + assist the transition from one to the other.

I believe in holding myself + you with compassionate awareness + healthy boundaries.

Embodying my north node in Cancer to understand the journey from self-neglect to self-nurture.

Staying grounded + in the body when we trauma talk.

Encouraging unexpressed emotions + energies that live in the body ~ through safe expression + somatic awareness.

Making rest + integration a priority and keeping myself clear + healthy to be able to hold quality space for myself + others.

The beauty of turning 40 + on this path is that I’m closer to my higher self than I ever was + have more to go.

I’ve embodied my inner child + my Lilith and integrated my trauma.

I can say a full bodied no + a full bodied yes.

I’m standing in the mother phase of my life, totally rooted in myself + my trust in life, my body + Spirit.

And I’m in love, if not totally obsessed with learning about trauma + the wise body.

Thanks for listening 🔥🖤💅🏼

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