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Stepping into the abyss

You don't know what's going to be behind that door when you truly let something or someone go that isn't for you.

You've been used to it for so long and it's grown up with you, in many ways it is you…

But you can feel a little bit of a something behind the door, a small spark, like a whisper and although it isn't very loud, it's definitely there.

Each step towards it is filled with fear as you walk through the sludge of how it's been.

Each step reveals how thick the sludge actually is, and that you've somehow made it your home.

Somehow you've gotten comfortable with living this way, it’s become ‘normal’ for you to feel this bad every day, you’ve put up with it and although there is hope, there is also no improvement with how it’s been.

... and this place, this place that you see right now ~ that you can't bare seeing anymore.. this is how you've been living in it.

The whisper continues and now feels like a pull…

'Should I open that door? I don’t know what’s behind it, what if it’s worse than this’?

The mind, the broken heart and the ego wants to crawl back to what's familiar and try to shed some light on the broken places.

'Maybe I can fix it what's broken..? Maybe if I just did this one thing it would be ok’.

But this place has no light, it’s pitch black now and overflowing with darkness.. the only light is coming from the crack under the door.

'But if I opened it, it would mean I could never come back here'.

"Open it".. says the whisper, "slam that shit wide open, this isn't your home".


Sometimes we don't realise that we have been facing the wrong way.. we have been looking out to a horizon praying that the sun will return when it's actually gone down and is now behind you.

Time to turn around x

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