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Spirit clearing a path

Have you ever noticed that when you are approaching something sacred, a sacred event or something that’s bigger than you, that will stretch you from who you currently are to who you need to be- that your wise and loving Spirit gets you ready for it?

You end up purging and letting go of exactly what you need to, and end up growing in ways that you were never able to do so before - all to get you ready to step into your true self even more.

And that YES, these events, medicine people, sacred sites or initiations can and will trigger you, become a catalyst and bring it all up and out to the surface.

Out from hiding in the shadows and into the light. Ha! Under a magnifying glass.

All for you my love, all for you.

You are the fire that the Spirits and the healed Ancestors tend to, the ones who love you will always hear you and help you on your path.

They are waiting for you to claim it.


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