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Soul Loss and Disassociation

Soul Loss or disassociation can happen when a part of us leaves after a traumatic incident that shook our world.

When we have experienced too much too soon & are completely overwhelmed suddenly by an event that sends our body into a hyper arousal state of terror or fear.

Even though it doesn’t seem like it; it's actually a protective mechanism to preserve the part of us that felt unsafe at the time.

It's a way for us to cope w the trauma from when we were too young or not enough prepared.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small the event is, if something scared, upset or angered us for instance, our soul can leap out and stay out at a safer distance until its safe enough to return home.

It can happen at any age & to anyone & there are many signs of soul loss that you may recognize.

If you have been through or going through any of them, there are ways to get it back through healing.

Soul retrieval is something I work w regularly w my clients, it's a gentle process where we get to the root of the root of the issues that are presenting w when the client comes in.

We track back in their energy body to find where it all began, often there is a split ~ where a Soul part left the body & with gentle work we call it back in and bring it back home into the body where it belongs, along w any medicine that the client's Spirit needs.

Some symptoms of soul loss can be ~

🌀 You feel like you’re not worthy and not enough

🌀 You don’t know what you want to do w your life

🌀 You don’t fit in

🌀 You feel lost and disconnected

🌀 Your fears keep you from living fully

🌀 You feel unlovable and broken

🌀 You feel like a victim

🌀 You feel like life is meaningless

🌀 You often feel helpless, hopeless, or negative

🌀 You don’t let people in

The days, weeks, months & years after my own Soul retrieval(s).. I can still feel little me in my heart, who wants to create & is full of innocence & laughter, she is a part of my soul that was trapped on the cliff outside my body for years.

Once she returned she & I were brought back to life. I felt energy again, I felt my vitality, my confidence my sass, it all came back.

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