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Sleep paralysis syndrome

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

One night while I was sound asleep I woke up in a dream where I was at a ball, everyone was dressed beautifully, chandeliers sparkled on the ceilings and the men were as dolled up as the women. I was enjoying the scene from the balcony when I felt a tug at my neck and the collar from my robe was being pulled. It was so strong that I couldn’t pull away, it dragged me to the center of the balcony area, the fright was so terrific that I woke up from the dream only to find myself completely paralysed when I awoke. What’s more is that there was an invisible figure looming over me, it’s weight crushed my chest, my arms and legs and torso were completely pinned down, i couldn’t more a muscle, not my neck, or hands nothing, I couldn’t even blink.

Finally after a few minutes of terror, the some-what invisible being jumped off me and disappeared into the darkest shadow in the corner of my room.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was going through Sleep Paralysis, also known as ‘old hag syndrome’, something that happens when you wake up from a sleep and you feel locked down, unable to move and feel as though there is an intruder in the room. It’s a phenomenon that has been recorded as early as 1781 in ” pictured. The central figure is portrayed lying on her back with a demon sitting on her chest, and strange looking creatures in the background. Many consider it Fuseli’s greatest work and it is believed to be one of the first artistic impressions of sleep paralysis.

Finally I could move again but I was so struck by fear that it would come back that I decided to pretend to be asleep, finally I worked up the courage and said to myself, if it comes I will fight back this time. I reached to turn the light on and there was nothing there, but I could still feel it’s presence.

Tingles crawled up my spine to my neck and I felt nauseous, I could feel where it was and where it was moving, sometimes it came close to my face and I had to pretend not to notice it. I wouldn’t give it the benefit of the doubt. I could sense what it looked like, it’s image still clear in my mind, I don’t want to describe it in too much detail but it took the form of a demonic figure. How do I get rid of this thing? How will I feel safe again? Daylight is in a few hours but I knew I couldn’t wait another minute.

I woke up my sister to help me perform a ritual, A GET THE HELL OUT AND STAY OUT RITUAL.

As I got the ingredients and tools together I felt it’s darkness lurking around me, the tingles and nausea seemed to be the feeling it brought on when it was nearby or watching.

We stood together my sister and I and we recited an incantation, we opened the window and willed the being to the light, we told it that it was not welcome and that it can never return, that it doesn’t belong here and we don’t allow it here, we did this until we felt it was gone, then a rush of wind ran past us and we could see the wind bouncing off the tree tops as it left as if the trees were hit with a powerful gust of wind.

That night I went to bed and nobody was in my room but me.

We must listen to our body and our hearts, they speak to us so clearly, but our minds often block the signal, there was a being in my room that didn’t belong, I felt him and my sister felt him too, when we willed him away he was gone. We must use the courage in our hearts and send any beings that don’t belong away with sternness not hate, show them who is boss by being in control, we all have that strength within us, these are opportunities for our fires to ignite.

The same thing with a different entity happened to my husband, I could see it hanging over his body, we immediately went outside the house and performed the same ritual. Funnily enough, we had just come back from a meditation centre that could have perhaps had some dark energies hanging around it from people who had suffered trauma, perhaps this entity hitched a ride on my husband and that’s what we saw.

A part of me really wants to know what this all means, but another part of me knows that I don’t need to. Negative energy exists and manifests with traumatic events, it can move around from person to person and if you are too open it can find itself a home. The trick I guess is finding a way to be open and sovereign at the same time. We can do this by living in our power, when we live in our power our fires are burning. All we need to be concerned with is what’s happening within us, if negative energy arises we need to process it by allowing it to be heard for a moment, see where it’s coming from, why it’s crying out for your attention, once you find that answer you can then let it go.


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