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Sitting in the Unknown

There are times in our journey that we are required to sit in the unknown and trust.

When we feel God has left us, or are waiting to hear the news of something that hangs over us like a guillotine.

When we are fasting and the hollow crevices of our body snarls.

When we are faced w unjust persecution and we have to hold on to our integrity and walk heart first.

When we stand at the threshold with a sword of light and face the music.

In the everydayness and the smallest of ways to the life halting megalithic of ways, where the body freezes and the breath is held tightly.

This is the time dear warrior,

To come back into yourself

And breathe.

This is the time dear sweet one,

To remember the oldest part of your heart,

Older than your body and your life,

Wiser than what you think you know.

The secret is to hold on to trust and have impeccable faith, and release the breath.

This is our magic, I can tell you from the depths of my heart how trust and prayer can alchemize and create miracles and move mountains.

Trust that it will work out,

Despite the ‘facts’ that you have been told

or how others might try to frighten you with their corrupted lens to keep you small and make you want to give in or give up

Trust that Creator has you in this moment and hold onto your faith more than ever.

When someone is on their death bed and the doctors have said they will likely not make it ~ there is still hope.

As long as there is hope then miracles are possible.

This is a special message for a friend but I hope whoever hears this needs this too.

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