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Sexual life force energy

Our sexual life force energy is so powerful that when repressed, or made to feel that it should be repressed ~ turns in on itself and causes sickness, depression, stagnation, dissociation, toxic behaviours and embeds trauma.

It’s like a bird that lives it’s life in a cage and believes that flying is dangerous and that the cage is safe.

Eventually this bird forgets who it is and it’s repression becomes its safety net.

This life force energy can move mountains, it’s so powerful and available and burns up stagnation and even embedded trauma in its path.

I’ve been dealing with healing my own for YEARS, and it’s only until this year that I was finally able to and have found that it’s a doorway to bettering my whole life.

I’ve found that speaking the truth was a BIG way for me to access my life force again.. and looking after yourself, listening to your gut, moving, dancing, singing, and being in alignment with yourself brings it to life.

Once it’s with you ~ you can feel it, this pulsating life coursing through you, it feels like you’re invincible, more confident, heathier and more alive, better boundaries, you can hold better space, you eat better, better everything really..

Can you


And can you see if there’s anything in your life that could be blocking your own?

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