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Sexual Liberation as a path

The path to sexual liberation is the path to Self.

Like many who come from religious dogma, stagnant relationships and trama.. sex can appear as something to be fearful of.

Because it is the gateway to healing on the deepest level possible.

It means facing the dogma within you that’s been heavily ingrained ~ and having the audacity to rebel against it and defy it and break out of the matrix that you’ve been taught to be in.

It means realising a relationship needs help or that you need to leave it bc parts of you aren’t awake with each other, and you aren’t being your whole self.

It means taking full responsibility for your trauma, sexual or otherwise and leaning into the feelings of shame, guilt and fear (with support & guidance) so that you don’t have to carry it anymore.. because really, you don’t.

When the Shakti is awakened.. it burns through trauma like white hot fire and devours it ~ transforming it into power.

It’s life force energy, it’s holy God energy and when activated has the ability to manifest, create, charge you up, help make changes in your life and ultimately heal you from the roots, up.

Our ancestors didn’t have the same opportunities that we have to step into this energy, and since I’ve started to embody this I have had a stronger and purer relationship to them, my body, my work, and my life, and there’s so much more to come 🔥♥️

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