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Sensitivity, the gift that feels like a burden

I remember my teacher saying to me “healing is a long journey”, he was right, it is a long journey that could take our whole lives, and more. I’ve been on this long road to healing myself & I’m still going. I was weighed down w a lot of heavy emotions from other ppl, ancestors & other lifetimes as well as my own childhood trauma & I didn’t think I would ever be able to function in the (normal world). I later realised that I wasn’t really supposed to.. I was highly sensitive & subconsciously absorbing negative energy around me, & feeling everyone else’s emotions but my own. My role was NOT to fit in, but instead to go through the worm hole of this seemingly (burdened) path & turn it into gold ~ where I could be put to good use. To use my sensitivity to see through the veil while remaining soft & to feel every way that my body spoke to me & needed me. To go through my wounds & use them as a source of empowerment that would help me fly instead of making me drown. And to help others go through the same journey by being a guide. I couldn’t do things that (normal) people could; like shopping centres, alcohol, loud music, processed foods, or be around a lot of people for too long.. or any kind of unconscious disconnected BS for that matter. And that if I didn’t regularly feel, sense or move my body, disappear into creativity or express my emotions or go out into nature ~ I would get clogged up & not have access to myself or Spirit until I cleared myself out. But I’ve grown to be ok with this, & not look at myself as ‘weak’ or not resilient enough, but instead that this is a requirement for me to be fully free & open. And when these are listened to, sensitivity becomes a super power.


Sensitivity is there for a purpose ~ to be a force for good and becomes a powerful medicine to help others.

It continues to demand from us to live more in our hearts and more in alignment than we would have ordinarily.

It’s is a gift that feels like a burden, and that the way we live needs to change in order for us to function.

It’s there to serve us and protect us ~ because in the past.. we weren’t listening to our own needs or we were pushed too far, so our bodies got louder and needed our attention.

It asks for us to be more compassionate towards ourselves than we ever knew we were capable of.

To get down on the floor and sit besides our inner child and really see them.

To get them to fully trust us and be worthy to be the ones lucky enough to take care of them.

To integrate them and all our other parts that have always tried to help us.

To really face ourselves and the sacred mirrors that appear in our lives and reflect to us what we can’t see within ourselves.

To fully surrender to the body, trust that the body knows how to rebalance itself and wants nothing more than to help you drift back into a state of ease.

It’s an initiation, it creates great change and brings us deeper into our bodies and heart.

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