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Sensitive Nature

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Sensitive used to have a negative connotation for me, I was constantly having to manoeuvre around certain foods, lifestyles, people and energy. Mysteriously allergic to food after food, constantly trying to adjust my diet to feel average. Getting overly intoxicated on one beer or wine, always checking the labels to see if this is going to ruffle me over for the next four days or not.

Sometimes things would slip in and I'd be stuck for days on end in pain. I would order a gluten free meal and realise at the end it of course wasn't. It's made me a bit of a pain in the ass but it's a way I've had to learn how to be to avoid discomfort.

My threshold was low. I didn't realise it then but I can see it now. I was eating bad foods a lot and when I would be 'accidentally glutenised' I would fall and tumble down and down.

However something strange happened when I went into a health food store on Lord How Island in May; a girl behind the counter shared a synchronicity with me, I was baking something that day that she had dreamt about the following night.. and I thought to myself to pay attention to this, something is here, and there was..

I was looking for something to ease my stomach for when the gluten attack would come and she said to me very casually that when she has been 'accidentally glutetinised' that she would take detox tea and then try to raise her vibration. She would raise it so high that the pain would have to follow suit.

I decided to try this.

I saged the hotel we were staying in and prayed, it was also Samhein here in Southern Hemisphere so I made a plate for my Grandmother Sophie of Chocolate which she LOVED, a sea shell I found that day and a Hibiscus flower that she used to have outside her apartment block in Bondi.

I asked her to come to visit me and to offer me advise to my questions.

I was waiting for the pain to come, it didn't. I had a lot of tea and thought that this had helped but also felt my Nana close by.

The following day we spontaneously decided to leave the Island and head to Northern Rivers, I had booked an air b n b and when I put the address in the GPS I saw the name and laughed- Nana St.

We took our bags upstairs and I noticed that the house I was in was identical to my Nana's in Bondi, I was sure it was even made by the same people somehow. I inspected every spot, the cupboards, the door handles, the feel of the breeze through the window, it felt like I had travelled back in time.

That night I went to sleep and I felt the beach breeze on me, I was transported back to Bondi in the 80s, I thought of everything I could remember about my Nana, what stuck with me the most was how she lit up a room, she was lighthearted and fun and hated religion, 'the man' and assholes. She was cool, never judged anyone and everyone hung around her house all the time. I felt we would have gotten along really well and have been great friends.

I was thinking about her and looking out the window and saw the stars, so bright compared to my home in Melbourne. I felt like such a little kid, I focused on one star and made a wish, that I wanted to move here to Northern Rivers w my family.

As I made the wish a shooting star flew past and somehow I knew it would happen.

This trip taught me to trust, trust my body, trust Spirit and trust divine timing. We are protected more than we realise, everything will happen at the right time and that PRAYER WORKS.

Deb x

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