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Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Resistance is where it’s at, it’s the answer to everything you need to know, where there’s resistance there’s the root and cause of what is stopping you from moving forward and growing as well as the answer of what to do about it.

With Reiki, if you feel resistance somewhere in your body, they you need to pause and see what’s hiding in there, what is causing the dark clouds, pain or tingling? What comes up when you focus on it? A friend’s face or perhaps a relative? A memory, something you forgot, or something you can’t forget?

When you meditate on the resistance you are giving the problem an opportunity to show itself to you, and then while you are in the bliss of meditation you can release this problem with love and forgiveness.

For example, I was doing a Reiki meditation and I had a sharp pain in my left shoulder, the pain wouldn’t go away, so I focused on it gently, and as I did a friend’s face appeared, I held her face in my mind and could feel the problem’s that were active between us.

I focused on her closely and said, ‘I’m sorry, I forgive you, I love you, thank you’. I recited this and went through the reasons why I was sorry, why I forgive, love and thank her. I sent her a wave of love and light and clarity and her image left my mind and the pain in my shoulder had disappeared.

Another instance, my partner was enrolled in a course for sound healing, this particular course didn’t feel right for him, it had cost too much money, and he would have had to close our shop down for a week in order to attend, it would have put us out a lot to save for it and pay for our staff’s annual leave while we closed, all in all it wasn’t working, he was feeling resistance and it was weighing him down. He couldn’t think clearly about what to do with this problem and instead of thinking about it at all he ran from it and the resistance grew.

We sat with this feeling for a while and realized, this course isn’t for him, the Universe is talking to him and he isn’t listening. So what does he need? He wants to do this course but not this particular one, so we searched online for another one and we found one within minutes, 2 hours later he received a full refund from his previous course and was enrolled in an even better course that included gongs as well as crystal bowls, it was cheaper, more accredited and convenient.

We are meant to follow a flow, when the flow is interrupted because something isn’t right, there will be a block which will cause resistance. It will stop us from thinking clearly until this block is removed.

So when you feel a block, it’s simple, ask yourself this, ”What is it I am resisting? Why am I feeling this resistance, what is this resistance telling me’‘? It may be telling you that what you have chosen isn’t right for you or that in order for you to have a more loving relationship with your partner you will need to acknowledge a block in your relationship and try to mend it.


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