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Repeating the same mistakes

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Chances are that whatever pisses you off the most is a sure way of the universe speaking to you directly. It’s telling you, hey! This thing that I’m waving in front of you repeatedly needs to change. If I don’t see any changes, I’ll be louder and more annoying next time.And sure enough it is, each time there has been a lesson that I’ve needed to go through, the universe would put it right under my nose, if I ignored it or didn’t learn the first time, it would force its way up my nose until I had no other choice but to blow it out.

The Universe can show us these lessons in a different ways; by making us go through the same situation over and over again, sometimes not giving us a break from it. It’s only until you’re completely fed up that you realize enough is enough, maybe if I do this differently next time things will change. It doesn’t take a whole lot to learn the lesson or make the change, half the battle is already won the second you are aware of it.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results” – Albert Einstein.

Here’s an example, Hector (clearly a fake name) suffers from PTSD and anxiety and whenever a stressful situation comes up it triggers him to go into full defense and protection mode. The Universe is trying to say, hey buddy, life can be hard, situations can be stressful and I’m gonna make you feel it ten times worse every time something comes up. The Universe wants him to go through this hard time so that he will evolve into a more peaceful loving person, so that the next time instead of letting the feeling control and overwhelm him, he will recognize what’s happening, understand that he is feeling stress and be able to let it go. Lesson learnt.

Everyone deals with stress, it effects everyone differently, some worse than others, some people feel it in their body, they can’t see straight, can’t hear clearly, their hands are numb and tingly, they feel wobbly and unbalanced. Others feel it in their heads, and it feels like their brain might cave in. Whatever the effect is, it sucks- hard but if you zoom out a little you can separate yourself from this feeling and move on from it.


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