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Prayer as an act of devotion

I find prayer, the act of devotion and the continuous conversation between my inner child, the divine aspect of myself, and Creator to be exquisite and so fundamentally healing.

Prayer to me looks like a long relationship between my Self and Spirit.

Where I continue to drink from the ever flowing cup and continue to give thanks, show my appreciation, talk honestly, ask for Guidance, Listen and act on the guidance ~ where I see fit.

It is my way to keep the fire burning.

In a vision a long time ago, I witnessed a cave in the Spirit world, where there is an eternal blue fire burning in the center.

Around the fire sits a council of wise elders who have been praying since the beginning of time for us to come and take our place next to them.

I believe that we are in the time where we are becoming ready to take that seat with them.


Prayer is a birth rite and can be done in any way, there is no rule book and it does not have to involve being on your knees, it is simple and comes straight from the heart.

I've seen so many miracles in my life through this.. by creating a relationship to our Higher Self and to Great Spirit, coming with Heart and honesty and letting our dream and prayer go, literally handing them over to Spirit.

It is a big Medicine, high alchemy, and puts us back in our seat of Sovereignty, trust and magick.

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