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Our Spiritual Evolution

Do you tend to go through healing lessons before the collective does?

There are certain people who are blazing trails in their healing before others.

Who get the ball rolling + open doors for others to do the same.

I feel this is not a coincidence, but a form of evolution.

In the forefront it looks like chaos doesn’t it?

That the world has gone mad + seems to be sick.

This always happens in our own healing too.

We face the dark night + are forced to sit through it + experience it while it feels like its tearing our guts out.

All the while in the background we’re still evolving + this chaos is heading somewhere.

We just can’t see it because we are in the thrall.

There’s a theory that I love called the 100th monkey effect.

Two islands, separated by sea, contain two colonies of monkeys that have no way to communicate w each other.

The scientists give each island some sweet potato. But it is difficult to eat, covered in grit + hard sand.

One monkey takes her sweet potato to the water + starts to rinse + scrub it, making it easy to eat.

Soon the entire island does the same + when the 100th monkey completes the task - the scientists discover that the monkeys on the other island had begun this exact process too.

They believed a group consciousness had developed amongst the monkeys.

And if you’ve read ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert you’ll recall the story she was going to write that she wasn’t able to about the Amazon.

Gilbert came to the idea that the story travelled through a stream of consciousness to another author who was available to write the book instead.

Was the story alive or was it in the stream of consciousness that connects us all that wants us to evolve?


Our evolution starts with one person waking up.

..from living life completely asleep + being told what reality is, how to live, how to feel or what believe in.

..from being a slave to being an expression of God.

..from what’s being fed to us through propaganda to what we inherently KNOW.

When one evolves, we all do.

Art by Røkkum

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