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North Node > Where you are heading

Do you ever look at your North + South node?

North node is your spiritual purpose that you are meant to achieve in this lifetime that will fulfill you the most.

While South node is the energy that you had during your past lives that you have brought in.

☊ North node >> where you are going.

☋ South node >> where you are coming from.

Many people stay stuck in their South node because they are naturally ‘good’ at what they do, but find that it doesn’t fulfill them.

The Universe has this way of picking us up from the wrong course + putting us on the right one; sometimes this can look like the dark night of the Soul, a spiritual awakening + can be a huge initiation...

Where it’s almost as though you are forced to get off the South node’s trajectory, you’ll no longer find pleasure or satisfaction in what you were doing + you’ll be faced to make big changes.

It’s never an easy thing + it’s not meant to be, to go from what you know + who you think you are; to who you are supposed to be in this lifetime.

It’s here to ultimately help the evolution of our Soul’s growth.

I’ve been fascinated in looking into my own for years, + I’ve found that combining this in my work w clients can help paint a picture of wholeness + give them direction + confirmation for their path.

> My South node is Capricorn + my North node is Cancer.

> This means I’ve come into this life with a strong work ethic + which can turn into being a workaholic, if I continued on this route I wouldn’t be following my highest calling, but it was tempting, I worked very hard + was good at it.

> Staying in my South node caused me to developed chronic illness + serious burnout + forced to step into my North node in Cancer:

> Which was about getting out of the desire to achieve + getting in touch w my emotions instead.

> To feel everything, learn how to look after myself, create a family, a home + comfort.

> Becoming intuitive + living through the heart, experience my softer, nurturing side, embody my yin + get in touch with my emotions.

>This ultimately led me to discover my feminine path as a healer.

I'd love to hear if you resonate with your own South and North Nodes x

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