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We attract the very person who mirrors the parts of ourselves that lay hidden in the shadows.

Whatever wounds we haven’t addressed will repeat and repeat until they get the light of day.

If we have experienced the wound of rejection as a child ~ we’ll attract the perfect person to remind us of this wound ~ by inadvertently rejecting us in some way, or the way we feel with them makes us feel unworthy.

Likewise, if we experienced the wound of guilt, shame or feeling like a victim as a child ~ then we will attract someone who brings up those same wounds in us too.

The wounds from childhood will activate in life and repeat until we’ve had enough and it’s fully charged, on the surface and ready to be healed.

When we go through a healing ~ it will seem like everything has hit the fan momentarily ~ this is normal while we adjust.

It’s the very feeling we’ve been avoiding to feel ~ and that we’ve built our defenses up around.

But with support, a guide and self-compassion we can hold ourselves in the fire.

And fully feel the original wound and how alive it is in us.

This allows it to subside, to cool down and to integrate back into us.

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