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Meditating on a word for an entire year

Meditating on a word for an entire year to embody its meaning.

This year I've learnt a word,

it was T R U S T, and it's been a huge teacher for me, because of course I didn’t.

The last 12 months has really tested me, I’ve let go of a lot of core relationships and paths and to my surprise I found a better version of myself without them.

I really had to face what it was that I wanted and decided to put myself first instead of others.

Because putting others first wasn’t honest or right for me anymore.

It was an escape method so that I didn‘t have to deal with myself, and it’s something I learnt from carrying trauma from childhood.

It was a way to keep myself safe and everyone around me happy.

At first I panicked, thought I was lost forever, condemned, exiled from love.

But then I discovered that separating from these relationships was part of my evolutionary path, and once I accepted this; my love for these people have grown into a more unconditional place.

And my love for myself has become a solid place for me to rely on.

I decided to meditate on this word for an entire year, and find the levels and layers of meaning that will reveal itself to me.

I looked for it in my everyday life, searched for it within my body, my inner child, and my voice, and I discovered a lot.

Not only did it show its medicine a year later to reveal that it literally was ‘all for the best” but the amount of wisdom and depth that ensued ended up being a grounding force that my Soul desperately needed for this time in my life and the time to come.

How can this one simple word unravel an ancient medicine within you? Is there a word that comes to the surface for you to explore?

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