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Maiden to Mother

I remember the moment I transitioned from the maiden phase to the mother, and it wasn’t when I had a child, it was years later..

I was already very maternal, since I was little I looked after and nurtured others..

But this break away of the maiden to mother was a culmination of the last 7 years, of healing my inner fawn.

It started with the birth of my son, took me through post partum depression and magnified my self-neglect.

Putting other’s needs and problems above my own, actually not even thinking I had any right to speak up, and shrinking, shrinking, shrinking in someone else’s trauma, until I disappeared and had a break down, with a new baby.

A Perfect fawn response.. the people pleaser..

until now, this cycle has been completed when I was able to voice my needs and desires, without my tail between my legs..

and without giving a damn what it would mean, or how different things could get if I spoke the truth..

and this whole experience, although brutal, has actually made me solid within myself, and there’s not a chance I will neglect myself again.

Does anyone feel me? Do you relate?

Love x

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